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W. R. Condit Auditorium
1285 Broadway Ave.
El Centro, CA 92243
(760) 339‐9477; (760) 339‐9392 fax
Board of Directors

Div. 1 – Mike Abatti, Vice Pres.
Div. 2 – John Pierre Menvielle
Div. 3 – Jim Hanks Brian J. Brady, General Manager
Div. 4 – Stella Mendoza Jeffrey M. Garber, General Counsel
Div. 5 – Anthony Sanchez, Pres. Gloria A. Rivera, Secretary to the Board

In accordance with the provisions of Section 21101, Division 11, of the Water Code of the state of
California, the Imperial Irrigation District Board of Directors will convene in its boardroom at 12 Noon,
Friday, December 3, 2010, for the purpose of seating reelected and newly‐elected directors.

1. Invocation and flag salute by Walter Colace with the Christ Community Church

2. Adoption of resolution honoring Vice President Mike Abatti for his four years as director of
the Imperial Irrigation District.

3. Administering of oath of office to newly elected directors by Superior Court Judge
Christopher Yeager:

Matt Dessert, Division 1 (newly‐elected)
James C. Hanks, Division 3 (reelected)
Anthony Sanchez, Division 5 (reelected)

4. Present district pins to above directors by current seated directors

5. Statements by re‐elected and new directors

6. Congratulatory public comments only

7. Cake and refreshments will follow the ceremony


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